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Realistic Solutions to the Present Need
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After assessing the needs of Nigerian residents, specifically in Lagos State, we are able to determine the root cause and devise solutions for their impoverished situation. Some of the residents find sustaining their daily supplies difficult out of their meager income. Thus, we provide not only financial assistance but also education regarding livelihood which includes teaching the correct mindset, management, and even investment of their finances.

Gates of Ruby Foundation Programs

Literacy is one key to arise from poverty. Through our generous benefactors, we are able to support some individuals for their educational pursuits. Aside from helping communities get access to affordable and quality education, we also provide orientations regarding wise management of finances and the like.

Community Programs

We provide community and humanitarian services that range from financial to material aids. Our volunteers are ready to provide support especially to the children, elderly, and disabled members of the community, aiming to light up hope for the present.


Those who have less to no access to health care are prioritized. We help the community be built strongly by promoting every resident’s health and wellness.

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