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Welcome to Gates of Ruby Foundation

Many poor countries, such as Nigeria, suffice with their meager income and scarcity of resources vital to living, such as education and healthcare. Seeing the need of one another has opened the gates for the establishment of this organization. We aim to reach as many poor and underserved communities as possible in Nigeria, starting in Lagos State.

Change is possible. Let’s hand in hand lift our fellows to arise from the abyss of poverty. It starts here and now.

Together, Let’s Be Catalysts of Change

Programs We Offer

We participate in and initiate several programs for the poverty-stricken communities in Nigeria. Take a look at the activities we partake.

We Advocate Making a Difference

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping impoverished communities arise from their situation by providing education, healthcare, and financial support. We aim to make a difference, one person at a time.

About Us